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Africa is proud of Nolywood !

Do you Know Nollywood ? 

Nollywood is the cinema of Nigeria  . Nollywood grew quickly in the 1990s and 2000s to become the second largest film industry in the world  according to   annual number's  film productions. Nollywood can be placed  ahead of the United States and behind the Indian film industry also called Bollywood .According to Hala Gorani and Jeff Koinange formerly of CNN, Nigeria has a US$250 million movie industry, churning out some 200 videos for the home video market every month.

The best Africa's largest movie industry
Nigerian cinema is Africa's largest movie industry in terms of both value and the number of movies produced per year.  Nollywood represent Africa and it's a real pleasure to see that , nigerians people took this initative , this risk despite the fact that the money wasn't enought .  Nowadays  the rise of  Nigerians films  has stimulated the country's video film industry.

In the begining 
The first Nigerian films were made by  Ola Balogun and Hubert Ogunde some  filmmakers in the 1960s, but they were frustrated by the high cost of film production. However, television broadcasting in Nigeria began in the 1960s and  they also fortunately received much government support in its early years.Then many Nigerians film  circulated on video .

Also we must add that movies are not produced in studio but video movies are shot on location all over Nigeria with hotels, homes, and offices often rented out by their owners and appearing in credits in the movies. The most popular locations are  cities like  Lagos, Enugu, and Abuja.
Nollywood was born in spirit of faith  because most of the films are produced by independent companies and businessmen.

 Concerning  themes
Many Nollywood's themes deals with the moral facing modern African society . Some movies promote the Christian or Islamic faiths, and some movies are most evangelical. Others, however, address questions of love wedding , insecurity , woman ...

Nollywood today ?
Today , we can watch nollywood movies on youtube chanel : nollywoodlove , nollywood .
Also the web site iroko tv give you access to many films , you should just sign in with your facebook accont
Somme facebook pages give informations about new movies and many other things ..

As far as i'm concerned  I love nigerians movies because i can learn english even if it's not the best english , but first of all i'm  really Proud of this african indusrty . However , in the movies some actreess are dressed like they are going in the club short dress, shoes strass , we see too much sex .I think nollywood's diva like Oge okoye Tonto Dickey Ini Edo shoul promote African fashion for example wearing  african loinclothes , more african values  ...

To conclude :  Africa is proud of Nollywood !

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